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Data Protection

1. In compliance with the statutary requirements (statute 677/2001 and 506/2004), our agency does not disclose personal data of our clients to third parties, other than required by the strict operation of the tours offered and to people strictly connected with the direct operation of the tour - hotels and/or airlines, or by a legal request of state authorities.
2. Our clients have the legal right to review and modify the personal data hold by the agency, to not be part of an individual decision and to address to justice. Our clients have also the right to opt that their own personal data should not be processed or to be deleted from our database. To put these rights into practice, our clients are kindly asked to send us a dated and signed request. Our agency shall undertake all necessary steps to solve the request in a friendly manner as soon as possible, otherwise, a complaint can be filed at NSPDCP, or art. 6 of this contract shall be applied.
3. In order to comply with the statutory requirements, it is mandatory to disclose some personal data, at least of the leader of the group or the person (physical or company) making the payment for the group, if it is a large group. It would definitely help us, if some personal data are disclosed from all participants to an excursion, in order to reduce the time of check-in, as some of those dates we do share with hotels and/or restaurants. They are also registered operators of personal data.
4. 3 MT Serv SRL is a registered operator of personal data under the number 9486.

  Please have a look at our General Conditions for booking and at our Data Protection file