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General conditions of Booking

1. Definitions
1.1.The Agency will mean in the context of this contract the Travel Agency 3 MT Tours, part of S.C. 3 MT Serv.- SRL.

1.2. The Tourist means every individual or company who books a travel service or package with our Agency.
1.3. Travel service means any of the following: transportation assisted by an attested tour leader, tour leading/translation services offered by attested tour leaders, reservation at a hotel and/or accommodation at host-families, restaurants, tickets for public performances or public means of transportation, as well as tourist consulting.
1.4. Travel package, as defined by current legislation, is the combination of at least two of the following three travel services - transport, accommodation and other services (as defined in the previous section) - if it lasts more than 24 hours.
2. Agency's obligations
2.1.The Agency is responsible for the good performance of the programmes or services negotiated with the Tourist, except when the performance is affected by the tourist or by any third party; or in case of force majeure. The Agency can not be hold responsible for the method of classifying the accommodation outlets, the eating outlets or the transport facilities used in our travel packages or services.
2.2. The Agency is obliged to inform the tourist of any change of the programme.
2.2.1 The right to change a programme at last notice is reserved, under the conditions of 2.3.
2.2.2 For late bookings, if a particular hotel is not available, the Agency has the right to change the hotel, but it shall provide a hotel of at least the same category as the one mentioned in the programme.
2.3. Although every excursion is carefully planned, the Agency can not be hold responsible for any losses or supplementary charges resulting from timetable changes of the carriers or third parties to the contract, nor for the damages, losses, deteriorated goods, late runnings, accidents, etc., arisen from any third party's guilt. The Agency can, however, decide upon offering supplementary services to compensate for those incidents, provided the tourist regards them as well compensatory and does not have any further claims.
2.4. In case of price variations - be it because of external circumstances or a unilateral decision of the Agency - the tourist has the right to rescind the contract. This clause does not apply, where there is a request to vary the programme.
2.5. The price of the travel package or any independent travel arrangement that makes the object of the underlying contract, includes the cost of the services, the Agency's commission and any VAT due, as well as other legal taxes. The price is published in our standard offer or is communicated directly to the tourist in the case of the tailor-made travel packages.
2.6. Any amounts paid by the Tourist before the date of travel are insured according to current tourist regulations. No other insurance is included in the price, but can be included at the Tourist's request, implying a corresponding price adjustment.
3. Our Expectations from the Tourists
3.1. The Tourist is required to pay the full price for the travel service 15 days before the departure at the latest.
3.2. The Tourist has the right to require the paid services, proved by the documents/voucher issued by the Agency.
3.3. If problems occur during the programme, the tourist is required to contact the group leader, or if there is no group leader available, the agency in order to point out these deficiencies and for these to be solved.
3.4. If the tourist cancels the contract following a cause which can not be imputed to the agency, the agency will charge the following penalties:-
3.4.1. between the day of booking and the 60th day before travel: free of charge
3.4.2. between the 60th and the 30th day before the date of departure, 10% of the price 3.4.3. between the 30th and the 21st day before the date of departure, 35% of the price 3.4.4. between the 20stday of travel and the 14th day before the date of departure, 65% of the price,
3.4.5. between 13th and 7th day before the date of departure, 90% of the price,
3.4.6. with less than 6 days before the travel date of in case of no show on the date of the departure, 100% of the price will be retained.
3.4.7. If any authority refuses to grant entery into the country of destination, all taxes, fees and fares paid to date by the agency, which can not be recovered, plus a 15% of the total price (operation fee) will be retained by the agency.
4. The Early Booking Discount is of 5%. The value of the discount can be changed at any time.
4.1. The Early Booking discount is applied to persons booking and paying their tour at least 6 months in advance.
4.2. The Early Booking Discount shall not cummulate with any other discounts, unless expressly specified.
4.3. Change of name is not allowed under the Early booking programme.
4.4. In case of cancellation, the costs of the excursion shall bot be reimbursed. We recommend a "Storno Insurance", that covers cases of urgency.
5. 3 MT Tours holds an insurance policy in favour of the tourists for the unlikely cases of insolvency or bankruptcy with City Insurance, the plocy Number N 005020.
6. This contract becomes enforceable on the date of signing or of accepting our services or travel package at the stipulated price and conditions over th telephone, in writing, or in person, in knowledge of this contract.
7. Any claims, will be solved in a friendly manner; otherwise, it is open to court judgement. This contract falls exclusively under Romanian law.

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